Summer 2020

Summer is upon us and we're ready for some new summer challenges, programs and activity kits! Join our summer reading challenge starting June 1st online! Visit to register for our reading challenge and register for our summer activities here!

Daily Discovery

Find and order our Daily Discoveries and many more books.

June 5, 2020- True Crime

If you are an armchair detective you might love these.   

June 4, 2020- Large Print Westerns

Love westerns?  Giddy up and order these today. 

June 3, 2020- We're # 1

The first books in terrific series

June 2, 2020- Read-A Like

If you like Jo Nesbo you may like these authors

June 1, 2020- Survival

Get in the know with these fantastic books

May 29, 2020- Cozy Mystery

If you need a cozy book to curl up with you may like these.  

May 28. 2020- Read-A-Likes

If you like Nicholas Sparks you may like these authors

May 27, 2020- Staff Lunch

This is what our staff is reading on our lunch breaks

May 26, 2020- Google Recommendations 

We googled and found top book recommendations

May 25, 2020- Read-A-Likes

If you like Karen Kingsbury you may like these authors