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As of April 7th, libraries are physically closed until further notice! Never fear! We got you! Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for information about our current services and restrictions.

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Glenn McCracken Makerspace

The Glen McCracken Makerspace was assembled in 2014 with the goal of providing technology and creativity tools in a friendly and welcoming setting.  
The Makerspace is available to all library patrons during our regular hours.

Equipment available for use at Library:

  • iPads loaded with games and popular Apps
  • Android tablets (wall mounted)
  • iMac computer
    • Wacom drawing tablet (pen available for loan at front desk)
    • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (available on 2 library Mac computers)
  • O-Net Television & Telephone service
  • Xbox, controllers and games
  • Apple TV
  • 3D Makerbot printer (located in the Computer Lab)

Equipment available for loan with a Library card:

  • iPad mini tablet - Olds Connected Communities
  • Samsung tablet - Olds Connected Communities
  • VHS to DVD converter (requires Windows PC computer and VHS machine) Olds Connected Communities
  • ereader(Sony/Kobo/Aluratek) - Rotary Club
  • Power monitor - Fortis Alberta
  • Pedometer - uwalk.ca
  • Radon detector - Radon Screening Program

Patrons may improve their knowledge and skills by booking One on One tech tutoring through the library front desk.

iPad Mini & Samsung tablets are now available for a one week loan.  To find out more please ask at the front desk. 
The iPad Mini comes loaded with a wide selection of ‘apps’ for your enjoyment.  Any data and/or documents saved to the iPad during your loan will be deleted once the iPad is returned to the library.  All iPad Minis will go through a ‘restoration’ and recharging process on return.  iPad Minis will not be ready for loan again until this process is complete.  iPad Minis are available on a first come first served basis.

What you will need to borrow  iPad Mini/Tablet:
1. A Library card in good standing and a valid credit card. Good standing requires that there are fines/fees of less than $25.00 on an account. 
2. Tablets may be borrowed by patrons 18 years of age and older.
3. Only one Tablet may be borrowed per borrower at a time.
4.Tablets can be borrowed for a maximum 7 day loan period. ($1.00/day late fees)
5. A due date will be assigned at the time of borrowing, please remember this date and return it by closing on this day.  After __days overdue the full replacement cost of the iPad will be charged to borrower accounts.
6 Tablets must be returned to the library front desk in person where all contents of the case will be checked while you wait – Tablets cannot be returned via the drop box or an additional fee of $25 will be applied to your account.
7. Please remove any personal information from the device before returning it to Olds Municipal Library. Any documents, photographs, recordings etc. created on or transferred to the iPad while in your possession will be erased from the device after its return. It is your responsibility to copy any documents, photographs, recordings etc. you wish to retain to another, separate storage medium before returning the iPad. The library is not responsible for storing, transferring or backing up this data. The library is not responsible for any personal information left on the iPad or the costs for any content you purchase for the iPad (Apps, music, film etc.) cannot be returned or refunded by the library and that such content will be erased from the iPad upon return.
8. Patrons will not be charged for MINOR cosmetic damage. However, You will pay for any damaged or lost items as follows:

  •  iPad Mini  $439.00
  •  Samsung Tablet $249.00
  •  Protective Case $70.34
  •  iPad Power adapter  or Power cord $30.00
  •  Samsung Power adapter or Power cord  $12.00

In order to avoid charges, please report any problems with the equipment as soon as possible and return the tablets fully charged. This will enable us to keep a history of each machine and track any issues.