Library Of Things

The Library of Things revolutionized the concept of borrowing by offering patrons access to a wide range of non-traditional items beyond books. In Olds, residents have had access to telescopes, power monitors, tablets, and other technology-based resources since 2012. Responding to the growing demand for practical and sustainable solutions, the library has decided to expand its collection, ensuring residents have access to an even more diverse selection of items.

If you are here, you likely heard that we plan on expanding the Library of Things at the Olds Municipal Library. If you would like to talk about donating any of the below items via monetary or in kind donation, please contact Lesley Moody, Library Manager at 

DONATION DISCLAIMER: In general we are looking for new or gently used items. They should include their original instruction and safety information. PLEASE do not drop items off at the library without prior approval. We are looking for specific items that will ensure longevity, good repair, ease of use, and safety for community members borrowing the items. We also may have arranged a donation with another community member. We truly appreciate your kindness and willingness to donate to this initiative. However, donations that haven't been vetted may be turned away. 

Amazon Wish List (where possible we hope to purchase items locally).

Currently Library of Things

Orion Telescope (Sponsored by the Royal Astronomical Society)
Raspberry Pi Kit (Sponsored by the Olds Institute Connected Communities Committee)
Ipad Mini x 2 (Sponsored by the Olds Institute Connected Communities Committee)
Samsung Tablet (Sponsored by the Olds Institute Connected Communities Committee)
Power Cost Monitor (Sponsored by the Olds Institute Connected Communities Committee)
Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablets (Sponsored by the Olds Institute Connected Communities Committee)

Currently Owned and Adding Shortly

Laptops x2
Nintendo Switch
Button Maker
Little Bits Classroom Set
Lego Mindstorms X2
Large Speaker with Microphone
Board Games
Hot Plate
Projector and Screen

New Items We Hope to Add

Crafts and Hobbies

Sewing Machine
Cutting Matt, Cutters, and Fabric Rulers
Wood Burning Kit
Leather Working Tool Set
Cricut Cutter
Ukulele Kit
Fog Machine
Podcast Microphone
Ring Light
Stop Motion Animation Kit
Metal Detector

Home and Car Repair Tools

Basic Home Tool Set (with drill, hammer, bits, screwdrivers, sockets, measuring tape, etc.)
Circular Saw
Jig Saw
Belt Sander
Laser Level
Tile Cutter
Voltage Tester
Car Jump Start Box
Tire Auto Inflation System


Telescopic Hedge Shears
Seed Spreader


Microscope Kit
Light Therapy Lamp
Binoculars (bird watching kit)
Robot Kit
Supernatural Kit
  EMF Meter
  Night Vision Scope
  Evistr Digital Recorder
  rehkittz s2600 flashlight
  Storage Bin for Kit


KitchenAid Mixer
Instant Pot
Fondue Set
Bread Maker
Food Dehydrator
Molded Cake Pans X5
Food Mill


Karaoke Machine
3D Streaming/BluRay/DVD Player
VHS Player

Backyard Fun

Giant Jenga with case
Bocce Ball Set with Case
Ladder Toss with Case
Disc Golf Starter Set
Pickleball Kit x2